Shed to House Conversion Planning Guide

So you’re going down the path to start your own shed to house conversion? Or maybe you’re just browsing to see if this is the right housing situation for you and maybe your family? This is the right place to start!

You can choose your own adventure when it comes to this project because you make it as hands-off or hands-on as you’d like! You can get a pre-built shed or build it yourself. The same goes for converting it to a home. You can do this all yourself or hire out pieces to get to your goal.

That’s the beautify of this approach. You can stair-step your way into this type of home as fast or as slow as you need based on when you have the time or money to make it happen!

Regardless of the path you take, below you’ll find an in-depth checklist with linked articles to help you plan your journey your way. Once you have worked your way through this planning stage, you’ll be able to navigate back to the Complete Shed to House Conversion Guide to begin your conversion. We want you to have a solid home that will last you as long as a traditional build. How exciting?!

Is Small Living Right for You?

shed to house conversion requires planning to downsize dramatically
Any drastic shift in how you live requires some hard questions.

As you dive into this shed conversion idea, you’ll find some people that think this type of housing is not a good idea. Yes, living in much smaller spaces can be challenging. You should definitely think through any drastic shift in how you live, but being certain about a big change goes for all ideas! To help make sure building a small home is right for you, walk through this section of the checklist. You want to be sure you are ready for the adventure of living in a tiny house.

Of course, if you’re already living in a small space, you can bypass this section. Just be sure to catch the last bullet point’s video for fun.

It is time to start learning more about the process to help you move forward with a solid foundation (pun is always intended).

Immerse Yourself in Shed to House & Tiny House Projects

You are likely here because you are already starting to investigate the process. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the world of those that have already gone down this conversion path!

  • Start here for ideas on how to find others that will help with questions specific to your situation and find inspiration.
  • Start thinking through shed to house floor plans and shed dimensions. This will help you draw out your plans on graph paper to see how this relates to your needs.
  • Check out this list of features, add any other ideas you have run across, and then rank your priorities.

Money Matters for Your Conversion

Converting a shed to a house is an exciting prospect to us. How else can you build a home as you have the money to?! You may find yourself with questions regarding money, so this portion of the checklist is intended to provide some direction. Staying within your budget is a priority!

  • Can you finance a shed to house conversion?
  • How much will a shed to house conversion cost?
  • How can you save money on your shed to house conversion?

Where Will Your Shed to House Be Located?

After interacting on forums, you may have discovered that some places have a ton of restrictions and others do not. It’s mind-numbingly confusing. This means you will need to do some legwork before you spend any money on your project. Construction projects come with enough surprises on their own, so let’s keep your local authorities happy.

  • Here’s a starter list of who to check with before you get started
  • Do you need to buy land as part of this process? Run through this Small House Land Buying Guide to help you decide on land for your project.
  • Check out the projects we had to do for our land to get ready for our build. Utilities and culverts and a bit of land clearing!
Ask for advice when planning your shed to house conversion

Time to Make Decisions for Your Shed to House Project

By this point, we hope you have a good foundation on what you want to build or have built. If not, it is a good idea to revisit your inspiration process. Otherwise, let’s move into the final steps before you will start on your shed!

Will you be building your own shed? Or does having a local handyman build you a shed on-site sound more appealing? How about having a dealer deliver a shed to your property? Will you be building with or without a purchased plan? If you aren’t sure, check out this guide to help you with the decision.

Before purchasing anything through a dealer, visit this Shed Dealer Checklist. It will help you to be sure you have a shed that will serve you well as a house.

Whether you decided to build the shed yourself or hire a handyman, here are some plan recommendations if you haven’t already run across a plan that meets your needs.

Here is a guide to how we made our materials list if you’re building without a purchased plan, too.

You’re Ready to Get Going on Your Shed!

If you have gone through all of this, it is time to build your shed! Congratulations! This is definitely a fun part of the journey, but it is tough to make all of these decisions. But here you are!

When you are ready to buy the shed, hire the contractor, or buy your materials, head on over to the Guide to Your Shed to House Conversion to make your goal happen!