26 Edible Plants You Can Grow on Your Windowsill

Not everyone has access to a garden, but many have green thumbs that are itching to work. Therefore, why not turn your windowsill into a mini-garden and grow something that you can eat? So, what can you grow on your windowsill? Well, we have a list of 26 edible plants, including flowers, just waiting to live there, just for you to grow.


One of the items that are often overlooked when it comes to windowsill gardens is herbs and spices. These are excellent to add to any meal to enrich the flavor so it would be a shame if they were to be forgotten.  

They take a tiny bit of space, and if you have a window in your kitchen, they are incredibly convenient to harvest for tonight’s dinner!

Herbs that would love to grow on your windowsill are: 

  1. Rosemary 
  2. Mint
  3. Basil
  4. Parsley
  5. Chives
  6. Oregano
  7. Coriander
  8. Thyme 

These are just eight of them, but we would suggest that you experiment and see what can work. However, you must give them space to grow (source).

You should first plant them in a smaller pot, and when they are ready move them to the windowsill in a bigger space so that their roots can grow more if you have the space. 


Now we move on to the juicy part of gardening, the greens. Greens are vegetables that are full of nutrients, making them extremely healthy to eat. Imagine waking up and going to your windowsill to pick some for a fresh salad?

Well, with time and minimal effort, you can do just that!

9. Sprouts 

These tiny green items of deliciousness do not even need a pot to grow in. You can use a quart jar, add a few tablespoons of the sprout seeds, add some water and in a week you should see results. 

I keep a batch on rotation for salads year round!

2 small bowls with sprouts growing on a window sill
Sprouts on my window sill of my bathroom. It has great light!

10. Microgreens 

The next one on our list is full of vitamins, and folic acid: microgreens. These are a variety of green that can grow together in one shallow yet wide tray. 

microgreens in a bunch and then on an avocado sandwich

Root Vegetables

11-12.  Kale and Lettuce

Much like the above-mentioned greens, there are a lot of salads that can grow nicely on your windowsill. You can opt to grow kale or lettuce.

These two are fairly easy to grow, and they do not need that much space to do so, certainly if they are in the micro-variety part for the family. Plus, they also do not need that sunlight, just a lot of water. 

I don’t find that kale necessarily thrives, but I get plenty of baby kale leaves to pop in a salad.

13. Spinach 

Popeye’s favorite green can easily grow on your windowsill. All it would need is a few hours of that healthy sunlight and the correct amount of water. However, make sure that the soil is a bit moist, and that the pot is deep enough for the roots.

We suggest six inches for the pot to do the trick. 

14. Baby Carrots 

This orange vegetable is great to grow on your windowsill. Carrots are delicious and you can cook them in soup, with potatoes, salads of their own and more.

Carrots can grow well in small pots, but they do require regular watering and lots of sunshine. If not their roots will dry out resulting in cracking.

However, looking after them is not too difficult to do, especially if you choose the small ones like the baby carrots. 

15. Baby Beetroot

Keeping it on the small side, you can also plant some baby beetroot. These are cluster seeds which means that they can grow a few plants from one little seed. If you want them to be bigger than you would have to sacrifice a few of them, to thin it out.

We suggest that you thin the plants when they are just over 1″ tall (three cm high). You just leave one plant behind from the cluster. This is how you can safely thin it out. And when it reaches about 2 inches (five cm) you can harvest it.

Or if you do not mind each being a bit on the small side just leave them as they are & don’t worry about thinning.. 

16. Radishes

A common favorite among windowsill gardens is radishes. They can grow fairly quickly, and they do not need a lot of support on your end to do so.

They are similar to carrots in that you want to make sure they stay watered or you will find them cracking.

Don’t forget! You can also eat the radish greens, as well! So, you would be getting 2 vegetables for the price of one. 


17. Blueberries 

Fruits can be grown on a windowsill, but they often get too big to fit there comfortably. This may result in them having to be moved to a garden, often defeating the purpose of windowsill gardening. However, there are two types of fruits that make excellent windowsill garden plants. 

The first one is blueberries. Now, these are not the easiest fruits to grow on a windowsill, but they can be grown if you’re willing to put in some effort.

Usually, blueberries are grown in bushes that are large. However, there is a dwarf selection of blueberries that can grow to a more limited height.

These little brushes of delight can grow up to 20 inches high and 24 inches wide, so they are beyond a window sill but are in the range of a more traditional potted plant

However, they require a lot of sunlight, water and to be planted in acidic soil for the berries to flourish (source). 

18. Strawberries 

Another great fruit that does not mind living on your windowsill is strawberries. These not only add flavor to your windowsill garden but also a bright red color.

Just know that strawberries are not a fan of being crowded. Therefore, make sure that you make enough space for the seeds to grow and mature.

Also, make sure that the soil stays moist with drainage so as not to cause over-watering. 

the left side has strawberries growing in a window box outside of a window. The right side is a small strawberry plant in a round pot on a windowsill
Don’t forget outside the window is an option for grab & go if the climate works for the plant!

Edible Flowers

19. Oxalis

Flowers can also be edible and some of them look great and grow better on a windowsill. Some chefs would use flowers to decorate their meals (source), and you can eat them if you so desire. An example of edible flowers is Oxalis. These are actually garden weeds that can be close to impossible to get rid of cheaply. However, you can control their growth and enjoy the smell, and beauty of these tasty, citrus, little flowers. 

20. Violas and Pansies

Other types of flowers that you can grow on your windowsill to later add to your meals are Violas and Pansies. They are beautiful as they grow, and you can cook them into jams or syrup to add that extra bit of flavor as well as scent. 

21. Nasturtiums

Next on the list of delicious flowers is Nasturtiums. These are orange in color and peppery or zesty in taste. You can eat the whole thing from the young leaves, buds, and, of course, the flowers. They would be great for mustard. 

22. Pelargoniums

One of the more versatile flowers on this list is Pelargoniums or Scented Geraniums. These are not only breathtaking to look at, but they also have a great scent to them. Plus, you can use the petals for jelly, jam, syrup, and even in salads. Or to decorate a cake. Going back to their scent, there can be different types from pineapple, rose, mint, and citronella to name a few. Furthermore, their leaves also make a tasty tea. 

23. Lavender

And the last edible flower on this list is one of the more popular ones when it comes to scent: lavender. These are known for their smell more so than their taste. However, you can add a few of these purple, little beauties to your baked goods such as cakes or shortbread. Or you can add a touch to a cup of tea to make it even more calming.  

Other Vegetables 

24. Tomatoes 

You cannot have a garden without tomatoes and cherry varieties are possible to grow indoors.

They are filled with vitamins, go great with any salad or just an aside meal.

However, tomatoes in general are a bit more on the temperamental side meaning that they want your attention (a lot of it) to make sure it is thriving along the way.

Plenty of light. Well-drained but moist soil. Give it that and you have a shot at a tomato if you have a good windowsill for it! 

25. Peppers

If you want a bit of a chilly challenge then you may want to put your green thumb to grow some chili peppers. You can plant them from seedlings if you want to go the easier route or from their seeds.

It is important that they are planted in the part of your windowsill that gets the most amount of sunlight, and that their pots are about 8 to 10 inches (20, 32 to 25, 4cm) deep.

They need moist soil, not over-watered and to be fertilized once a week. Furthermore, you have to pollinate every flower that blooms with a little, soft brush to get the chillies to grow. When they are the right color you can harvest this chilly snack.

26. Green Beans 

One of the last items that we want to bring your attention to is Green Beans. These are tasty, go great in soup and salads. They are just an all-around great vegetable. Plus, they seem to just grow without you watching over them. You can plant them on the edge of your windowsill, so they have a place to grow up and gently waive them along the sides. These are not only tasty food but can also be a great decoration.  

And there you have it, other favorite types of plants that you can grow on your windowsill to later eat. However, make sure that you follow their instructions and give them the care that they need.

Happy gardening, green-thumbed people.