30+ Reasons to Live in a Tiny House

Living in a tiny house or even a small house gets a bad wrap by some, but there are many reasons to live in a tiny house. While you definitely need to be thoughtful and intentional before diving into any very different living situation, there are a lot of perks to living smaller. Count how many of these you connect with. You are ripe for tiny house living if over 20 of these benefits resonate with you!

  1. While tiny houses may be more per square foot, they are still substantially less than the cost of a new traditional home.
  2. Tiny houses are most cost-effective to heat and cool. Less square feet = less to keep climate controlled.
  3. Living with less = cleaning less. If these were ordered by their importance, I think this one would rank at #1 reasons to live in a tiny house.
  4. Having a decluttered, minimalistic space is said to be a mental relief. More happiness even.Fewer Possessions = Happiness
  5. Having fewer possessions means you have to be more thoughtful in the items you do choose to own. If you aren’t buying as much and buying more things to help you store more things, you’re saving money.
  6. Want to overhaul your space? There are only so many things to change out in a small space, so it is quite easy and economical for big impact changes. Change up some pillows and curtains, and voila! You get a big boost from your decorating efforts!
  7. Own less and you can store less. Each of those bins we use to store things are $10+, and how often do things end up stored and unused for months or years when you do this. Out of sight, out of mind.
  8. Have you heard of decision fatigue? Pare your clothing down to a capsule wardrobe, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you only own a handful of clothes that all mix and match, the decision becomes a split second. Throw your well-fitting, well-chosen clothes, and carry on with the more meaningful aspects of your life!
  9. Less money needed to spend on maintaining the house and lower utilities leave you more space for your goals – get out of debt, travel, retirement. You decide where your money goes!
  10. An item either has a home or it doesn’t belong. No searching for hours on end for things.
  11. Living expenses tend to make up the bulk of our overall expenses, and by keeping your fixed expenses low, you’ll understand what freedom really is. You do not have to be a slave to the corporate 9-to-5 culture unless it brings you satisfaction.
  12. If you are conscious of what you incorporate into your tiny house, you’ll have only what you need. A life without excess declutters your mind, too.
  13. Your environmental footprint is much smaller when the square foot of your home is small, too. Fewer materials need to be used and therefore, manufactured and transported, so this has a far-reaching impact for reasons to live in a tiny house.
  14. A smaller home lends itself to enjoying the outdoors more. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix isn’t the same in a smaller space. It’s not to say you won’t, but getting cozy takes on a whole new meaning outside!
  15. You have complete control over what you incorporate into your home. When we started our journey, my friends had heard my spill at not liking the 2000+ square foot home we lived in. It was a house we chose since it checked off what we wanted from a pure checklist perspective, but it was so poorly laid out and simply too much. A tiny house you lovingly design will serve you well. You control what you do and do not incorporate into your small home.
  16. Freedom from a mortgage. If you are conscious about the process, you have freedom. Anytime we mention freedom, it translates to an intangible feeling that is priceless. Skip the 9-to-5 traditional lifestyle for this! If you like your 9-to-5, it’s your choice if you keep your living expenses low. That’s the freedom part!
  17. Keeping your living expenses low means you are more likely to stay out of debt altogether. Your money is free after all since housing expenses typically make up the largest chunk of Americans’ expenses.
  18. Cheaper repairs. This doesn’t mean NO maintenance, but replacing a mini-split is cheaper than the $6,500 HVAC unit we had to replace in our McMansion.
  19. Furniture is a one and done expense in a small home where space is a premium. Many tiny home builders incorporate furniture into the design through built-in shelving and furniture.
  20. It takes much less time to build a tiny house. They simply aren’t as large!
  21. Depending on your setup, you can move your tiny house down the line. Talk about flexibility! For example, with a little forethought, a
    a container home can be put on a trailer like it did when it was a storage transport device instead of a home.
  22. Tiny spaces are truly more cozy than a cavernous one!
  23. Trying something new can really shake things up. If you have been living in the suburban sprawl, the tiny house life is definitely something new.
  24. Creativity when living in a small space is a requirement, so let your creativity shine!
  25. More time outside! A small space means you are likely to naturally expand your comfy living area to a deck or other feature of your property. Don’t forget your fire pit & marshmallows when designing your tiny house set up! More Outdoors in the life of someone living in a tiny house
  26. The size of a tiny house lends itself to some level of DIY, and there is a lot of pride associated with taking on a project and following it to completion.
  27. How small of a footprint can you have? When every element of the tiny house must be carefully considered for optimized cost and features, you really start thinking about what your needs truly are. For example, we are not able to incorporate a fully solar set up yet, but the conversation led to us looking into what people did before air conditioning on the Gulf Coast which is what is driving the size and cost of the solar setup we desire. We have learned so much, and we are incorporating elements such as windows optimized for cross breezes and the best insulation we can to conserve energy. Creative Living in Tiny House
  28. Adventure! Ever built a house? No? Well, the DIY tiny house is a wonderful Segway to a new set of challenges and experiences!
  29. The tiny house community is alive and well! There is a tribe of people on a similar path, and these kindred spirits get you. You get them.
  30. Want to know what happens when you tell your circle about your tiny house? They want in on the fun. When you’re moving, everyone scatters. When you say you want to build a tiny house, you have to coordinate your help!
  31. Want to build a nest egg? Save on those large chunks of your budget to keep your money available for squirreling away. Skyrocketing housing costs can kiss your behind!
  32. The things you own need to be functional, so living in a tiny house allows your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to shine!
  33. Stay closer to the ones you love in your tiny space. (my husband’s contribution to this article <3)
  34. When conserving energy reaches disaster levels, having less square foot to figure out how to heat or cool is a welcome concern (comparatively). We somehow managed to keep our power when 96% of our county was without for up to 4 days in below freezing temps! We worked hard to conserve energy in our 2000+ square foot home and invited others in for warmth, but the absurdity was not lost on us.

There are so many reasons to live in a tiny house. If over half of these reasons speak to you, it could be worth pursuing!