7 Tips to Stay Motivated Working Towards Tiny House Goal!

Anytime you’re working towards the goal, I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to be patient and just stick to the path you have set out. Those tiny steps add up to something much bigger if you can be consistent.


Well, that’s how I feel, and I doubt that the experience is unique to me! I made a video to share some tips to help with staying motivated. I included snippets of them below, and I’m adding more as time marches on. Come on, sing it with me. Break out your inner Tracy Lawrence!

Read on as I share more ideas in each of these ideas to help you (& me) stay motivated!

1. Dream!

You’ll find that the longer your timeline is for moving to your little tiny house paradise is that you will change your mind a bajillion times leading up to it! Document those dreams! I recommend keeping your Pinterest board updated with ideas, and I’ll also journal the journey along with your ideas. They will change, but by keeping a journal to document your ideas, you’ll be able to revisit those ideas when it is time to actually execute them!

It can be super simple like grabbing a notebook to leave on your nightstand, but I prefer a bit of a fancier version with spiral, smaller than a traditional notebook with hard covers. Here’s my fun journal available from Amazon if you want to level up and make the documenting fun!

2. Learn

Chances are you don’t know everything you need to know for the ideas you have in your head. Just because you’re not at the destination yet, this is the perfect time to start learning about what you think that future looks like.

If homesteading is on your radar, do you know ANYTHING about chickens? What about gardening? Sustainability?

If this will be a big downsize to move towards a tiny house experience, how much smaller are you thinking? Can you see yourself ACTUALLY living in a tiny house? Use this time to start experimenting with living with less. Pack up your closet to a much smaller wardrobe or even just shoes. Live without them for 6 months. Were you successful? Sell or donate what you packed up! Baby steps towards the big picture will be much smoother than doing it all in one big push!

3. Track Your Progress

This one can be so much fun! Basically, whatever your goals are, just track that progress. This can go back to that journal idea, but it can be bigger!

Own land? Go take photos. Take them each time you are at the land. See how it transforms. This goes back to that permaculture principle of observing the land before doing anything with it anyhow!

Got financial goals? Track your progress with a spreadsheet if that speaks to you, or try out a coloring sheet to stay motived (my husband’s personal motivation choice). We used this free version from Debt Free Charts. I had no idea how much of a spark that filling in those boxes does to help keep my husband and partner in money moving in the same direction!

image of a a Tetris game coloring page where each block represents a dollar amount with the full image colored means you have met the goal
Our DEBTRIS tracking early on in the game. Baby steps!

4. Do What You Can With What You Have!!

This is quite literally my personal motto. You can wallow in despair and misery, or you can take action. You can make all the excuses about why something can’t be, or you can do something about it.

Half the time I find that by DOING something, I realize the goal isn’t quite right anyhow. I’m gardening NOW! I’m working on plans NOW! I’m maintaining the vacant land NOW! Rather than focus on why I can’t move now, my family is doing things to keep moving forward – mentally and theoretically!

Get moving!

5. Get Involved in the Community

The area we will land in is 2 hours from where we are now. That said, we can start getting involved in that area where it makes sense to. We’ve driven the 2 hours (each way) to volunteer. We make sure to visit local businesses to help economically and chat with locals.

Maybe you can start shopping for a church. Maybe you can do a 5K near where you plan to be. Get creative and find something that fits your world to start planting seeds of your own with a personal network that direction.

6. Fake It Til You Make It!

Sometimes you just want to BE in the tiny house. You just want to hear fewer cars in the background. You just want to have fewer baseboards to clean. Whatever it is that has you quite literally CRAVING that end goal can be created even if temporarily.

If you’re craving some nature and sounds of birds, a hike might be what you need today. Maybe a camping trip. Heck, a quiet park might be something to bring you that connection you need. How about a list of ways to find some connection that might relate to your end goal vision:

  • Find a spot to feed ducks
  • Look for a spot where you can volunteer to help on a farm
  • Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (also enhances your DIY skills)
  • Bike ride in sunshine (Vitamin D is amazing)
  • Get out into a veggie garden! Even a windowsill garden!
  • Visit a farmer’s market

7. Find a Tribe on a Similar Journey

This is my favorite! It’s why I started a YouTube channel and follow so many others! I’m all about meeting people on a similar journey, and whether you know it or not – I consider you part of my tribe now! Welcome! 🙂

This can be key, and it can be as simple as joining some Facebook groups or as starting a YouTube channel. Ha! You’ll find some groups in this post about tiny house inspiration, and you can find my YouTube channel here.

Wrap it up!

This can be such a fun journey, and I hope you can see it through to meeting your goals! Shed to house/tiny house bliss, homestead, whatever it is that speaks to you!

Keep a sense of humor, and keep smiling!