9 Reasons Tiny Homes Will Remain Popular

Tiny homes created quite a buzz during the coronavirus pandemic, when the entire population found itself staying at home. However, even though things are getting back to “normal” in the US, the popularity of tiny homes, especially among millennials, continues to enjoy steady growth. Here are a few reasons why this is so:

Reason #1 Affordability

First things first, house affordability in today’s economy is a dream. Tiny houses, then, make that dream come true!

The tiny house movement began to cater to those who experienced a lack of shelter due to financial constraints and in some places, housing shortages. Tiny houses are very accessible and affordable to purchase or construct.

Tiny houses are 200-400 square ft. houses that contain a bedroom, kitchen, and a bathroom. Although, some of these can be as small as 80 square ft (which is not enough livable space at this size, though!) While the price per square feet may be high to maximize space, house costs are just less than that of a traditional home!

Reason #2 Minimalist lifestyle

The next reason why tiny houses are so popular is because of their minimalistic style. With reduced square footage there simply a lack of space for stuff, and the people who reside in them have a simpler lifestyle as a result. Cluttering and waste is avoided and storage space is important to be used well.

Less stuff also means it takes a lot less time to clean the house. ’nuff said!

Furthermore, tiny houses have become a sensation for millennials who believe in “less is more”. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, tiny houses provided a peaceful work-from-home environment and allowed people to live comfortably in a simple lodging.

Reason #3 Sustainability

Not only is a tiny house minimalist, but it is also sustainable. The cost of maintenance is very low which provides security for a very long time. Rest assured, tiny houses do not need any special resources for its maintenance and stability.

Often, people also ask if tiny houses are just another fad, a craze which will soon dissolve. I am here to tell you that it is indeed one of the most sustainable forms of living, both monetarily and spiritually.

Read more about what makes tight quarters that much more sustainable here.

small couch in a minimalistic looking space with modest decor

Reason #4 Closer to nature

Tiny houses are often located in areas which have certain natural beauty–greenery or water (waterfall, lake, etc.). Thus, tiny houses bring their inhabitants closer to nature and more appreciative of their ecosystem. Like mentioned earlier, this helps in sustaining the spirituality of an individual and they feel responsible in their role as a human.

Moreover, because tiny houses thrive on a minimalist lifestyle, their inhabitants are cognizant of any waste they create and its effects on the larger ecosystem. Thus, if you want to play your part in contributing to a healthy planet, tiny houses are one efficient way towards that.

Reason #5 Lesser carbon footprint

It comes as no surprise that tiny houses can save the world!

Think of it this way, one 1,000 square ft. mansion or 10 tiny 100 square ft. houses? The same area can house a lot more people with tiny houses–an infrastructural necessity in today’s population.

Of course, taking up less energy has a lifestyle cost. Read more about the pitfalls to tiny living here.

The minimalist construction of tiny houses saves a lot of wastage and produces less carbon footprint. More about tiny house sustainability can be found here.

Reason #6 Minimize house debt and stress

An addition to affordability, tiny houses also help reduce your debts. People often take humongous loans for sheltering and home-related reasons, which they are usually not able to repay easily. Thus, tiny houses provide an opportunity to secure a home without burdening oneself with financial debt and linked stress.

On the contrary, you can save money by living in a tiny house that is better spent elsewhere, like travel, education, or health. Or scooters. Or kayaking. Seriously, more money = more living!

Reason #7 Multi-purpose abode

Tiny houses can be used for more than one purpose! It can act as a guesthouse, a rental, a place to host friends and family for occasional events, and a lot more. It can also act as an escape from the busy life of the city and crowded apartments. A place where you can go to relax and recharge yourself. Or a tiny house can even act as a substitute for office, if you are working remotely.

Live in it now. Use a tiny house in other ways later. Oh, the flexibility!

Thus, even if tiny houses aren’t an option for people living with families, they can still be utilized for other benefits.

Reason #8 Mobility

Tiny houses provide a lot of mobility to its residents. Because there isn’t much space, there are fewer materials. That means you can pick up your belongings easily and move to a new place at your convenience and desire.

Moving a home can be expensive, but if you are thinking of a tiny home on wheels, it is simply a truck and gas to make the move. Well, as long as you stay within the dimensions that roads require. Check out more on dimension requirements here.

On the contrary, people residing in large houses have to think twice as much about moving into a new home, considering the cost of transportation, time it takes to pack luggage and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Reason #9 Once-in-a-lifetime experience

Tiny houses provide a phenomenal living experience–ask anyone who has lived in one!

Yes, it takes some getting used to living in much less space, but you have so much potential

This is probably because people are in search of a better lifestyle, more luxury, and more comfort. Often, this means a bigger house and more money. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Tiny houses can be just as fulfilling and comfortable, if not more. Most of all, tiny houses provide a sustainable and enriching alternative to traditional housing, and they are definitely here to last.

This really hits home for those that are working to live in the moment, reconnect, and overall improve their mental health.

Parting Thoughts

So, these were only a few of the many reasons tiny houses are gaining popularity. Tiny house movement is strategizing and collectivizing for more affordable shelters for all people and people are continuing to join them in greater numbers.

So, as the pandemic ends and people reflect on their lifestyles and consumptions, tiny houses will continue to grow and enjoy greater popularity. In fact, not only in the US, but people in other countries such as the UK, Germany, and elsewhere have started considering and constructing these very effective and sustainable living alternatives.

Check out this list of reasons to live in a tiny house for more thoughts and possibilities!